Plus Sized Modeling: Finding your Confidence

I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to do as a career this last month and one thing I have become very interested in is plus sized modeling. I have been told my whole life that my legs, my face, everything but my body was worthy of being a model. “You’d make a pretty model if you lost some tummy” “You shouldn’t wear that with your size…but it’s pretty!”

I have been told by strangers and family alike that if I were skinnier I would be really pretty. But you know what? I am beautiful now! I don’t need to change a darn thing about me to feel good about myself and I am about to prove it!

As of today I am submitting my bio to a plus sized clothing store in order to model for them, I am sure there will be hundreds of girls if not thousands submitting to them. But I am going to submit anyway, because what could it hurt? I am going to be pro-active and take steps to get the career of my dreams!


Wish me luck!


Wedding Projects/Crafts and Acknowledging the Deceased.

For my wedding I want a simple, earthy, rustic I guess look. Which I think I’ve mentioned before but now I am getting into a mode where I need to start acting on my ideas and making things for the wedding.

I am hoping to spend as little as possible on decorations and doing a lot of DIY with the help of my artsy friends. While still having it look beautiful and clean and crisp. Here are some of the projects I want to start and have started working on them already,


For this I am going to collect clear Ball jars in different shapes and sizes. Hopefully I won’t have to spend all that much money on this look. Mostly just buying the candles from the dollar store. I love the look of glass and the clean look of the white candles and I hope it works out the way I planned.


Another looks I like is the hollowed wood planters. It’s another thing that I could collect either on my own or from other people. My grandpa is a carpenter and would help make them into planters easily!! I also found a page on etsy that sells bulk succulents for pretty cheap!


Any advice on how to make these moss balls for cheap would be appreciated! I know you can buy them at store but they don’t look all that great. I know I could make them better but I’m not sure how to go about it in a way that would save us money.


This sign I have actually started. We have large pieces of wood in the garage and I cleaned off a nice one and I am planning on covering it in burlap and painting the words on it with our initials. I’m pretty excited to finish it and start on the other projects!

Another thing that I am struggling with is how to incorporate my mom into our wedding. It is very important to Randy and I that she be a large part of everything we do. I’ve considered the candle that says “we know you would be here today if heaven weren’t so far away”. But it doesn’t feel like enough. I have also considered my dad carrying a picture of her with him down the aisle since I wanted her to give me away and place her image at the front. I just want to make sure it is noticed and important. She was my world and this day was important to her too. Let me know what you guys think would be a good idea to honor her.

Gardening and Cleaning House

Well our garden is taking off amazingly! I wish I had known that beans were so easy to grow before. We are also trying to make our house look less like white trash lived in it for years before us (which they did…so much garbage).

So here are some images of our little Zen garden and our bigger veggie garden that I hope yields some yummy vegetables here in a couple months.

10409635_935004149896962_4824603667779638258_n 11021506_940230349374342_7284978943266436336_n

We were worried about our dirt since a good deal of our town is high sodium and clay. But we have very rich dark dirt that makes plants take off like crazy!!

We also pulled out some good awful hedges out from around our house. My friend from Ohio is sending me a whole bunch of Iris’s and my grandma is giving us an old bench made with wagon wheels to put in our front yard. Hopefully by the end of the year I feel like we got some work done. Here are some images of the Iris’s that are being sent to me! 


Finding Myself

Well over the time I have been absent I have been finding myself and things that I want to follow as a career path.

I have decided to start a second blog and clean this one up, focusing on specifics on my life and heading towards a career in plus sized modeling. My mom had always believed I could and I have found some inspiration from the beautiful Tess Holiday. I will be working part time jobs and still working with photography and writing, but this is something I am really excited about. I feel like it is something I could be really good at.

For now, I have gotten a job at a Dollar Store here in town that is close enough to walk to so I can save more money. I have found a legit modeling agency and I am making plans to create a portfolio for there.

I am also working hard on our home, we have cleaned up the yard, taking out the nasty bushes and tearing down a garbage filled wood shed. We have a vegetable garden that is taking off very nicely and a small flower garden that is also looking good. We are getting some outdoor decorations from my Grandma on my mom’s side since she is moving in with a new boyfriend and cutting down her yard decor.

I am also is wedding planning mode, finding revenues and ways to get married without involving religion but still being heartfelt and beautiful. I’m having a hard time keeping calm, since I like to stress out over silly things.

Overall things are going well and I plan on making blogging a daily exercise along with writing again.

This ¬†will be good for me, being that the one year anniversary of my mother’s passing is this Sunday and I am having some trouble keeping my mind clear.

Here’s to hoping my life will take off, and great things are destined for me.

P.S. My cat turns 1 this month and I love my angry, furry baby.

I’m Back and Lost as can be

My exceedingly busy life has screeched to a turtle crawl over the last week.

I graduated from college, I have a bachelor of fine arts in Photography and a minor in Art History. Which yay, awesome.

I moved into my house completely which is causing a few spats. since I am not the most organized when I am unpacking. It will look awesome though.

Randy and I got a new dog, here name is Keera and she is a medium sized lab, retriever, and Shepard who is all black and the sweetest heart.

We have planted a garden and it has roses and thyme and twisted plants. We are trying to clean up our lawn and make the outside look better and more livable.

I’ve spent the last week cleaning, unpacking, and playing Sims 3 until I pass out lol.

We’ve gone Morel mushroom hunting and collected some huge, delicious mushrooms. So far I am just trying to get my new life into place and figure out what I want to do.

I have applied to a minimum wage job and plan on being a TA at my college next year. But I feel like I may be wasting myself. I never want to stoop below my abilities and I want to be successful. I hope I am choosing a good path for myself.

Senior Show Freak Out

Well, my show is coming up fast!


I now have 3 biographies for my “Anthropological Show” and about 10 images of creatures I just need 10 more of found objects and to match all of the editing and that’s finished. And I have to start writing my “found” journal.

So I may be sparse on here, my life is being swallowed by graduation prep.

I’m Back : )

Wow I have been gone for so long, but I have had so many adventures!!

New Orleans was a total blast! We walked along bourbon street, I got beads (no boobs necessary), we met locals, and took hundreds of pictures.

Florida was also amazing, mostly since I got to spend it with Randy. It was a really wonderful vacation, going out and drinking downtown, listening to live bands, visiting Harry Potter world!!

Let me tell you just how amazing the Wonderful World of Harry Potter is! They have everything, down to the last detail in the worlds. Actors refer to you as muggles, there is constant mood music, food and drink and atmosphere are almost too much for the crazy potterheads like me.

If you all would like to see some pictures let me know, I’ll go through and find some of the best ones for you.

In other news, my senior show is three weeks away (holy shit). And I have won two awards in the last few days :). I won the Juror’s award in a Michigan Small Colleges show, which was a big deal to me. And then I won second place in the fiction category for a Creative Writing Competition. How cool is that?

Life is busy as always, but I will try to integrate blogging back into my daily habits. Hope you missed me! haha.

Taking a Hiatus

Wow it feels really foreign to be on here again after a week.

So to give you all a recap as to what I have been up to lately, I was on Spring Break last week. Nothing huge, just some down time for homework and wedding dress shopping with my family.

I really didn’t get on or do much of anything so sorry for the absence (for those that were concerned lol).

But I did find a very amazing wedding dress this last weekend that may just be the one I walk down the aisle in. I feel weird having found one a year before the wedding and Randy gave me crap because I am trying to loose weight before the big day. But alterations are going to need to be made anyway right? It’s so hard for me to make concrete decisions.

Anyway, not that I wasn’t gone long enough already, but after Tuesday I will be taking a two week hiatus, coming back March 24th. I will be going on multiple trips over the next few days and I want to soak in every minute.

I am headed to a Photography conference first, in New Orleans!! How cool is that? It has been on my bucket list for forever.

Then I am going with Randy’s family to Florida to go through the Disney Parks and Universal. I am a kid at heart lol.

So I wish you all luck, and enjoy the changing weather, this girl is about to get her tan on : )

A Date with my Ladies

So this post falls into two categories, Wedding and Personal Lives : )

This Saturday I asked my grandmothers, my mom’s side and dad’s side, if they would like to be my surrogate moms and go dress shopping with me. They said yes and now we have the stops planned for the day.

I also asked my sister, who is 16 and my maid of honor, if she would like to come as well. And my best friend Ashley from back home was invited to stop at a store with us too. Since she is getting married about two months after me and she’s one of my bride’s maids.

I am so nervous about trying on dresses with my family there. For one it makes the whole, getting married thing, way too real. For two my family can be very aggressive and opinionated. If they think a dress is too cheap, too tight, too ugly, too anything I will be sure to hear about it. And I am a bit worried that they will kill the mood. But overall the excitement is killing me.

I’m REALLY excited for my sister to be there. Just to inform you all I have four brothers and one sister, and I don’t see any of them. I’m the oldest and then there is my full brother Austin who’s 20. Then there is my mom and step dad’s kids Kendal and Wade who are 16 and 14. Then my dad and step mom had kids Hunter and Logan who are 11 and 8. Since June I haven’t been seeing much of them because I don’t get along with either of my “dad’s”. So seeing any of my siblings gets me really excited and I want everything to be perfect so that they have a good time.

Maybe I will find “the” dress, I think I already have but who knows. I want to be able to find the perfect fitting dress with my family watching and crying and hugging. Maybe some of my nerves will be put to rest and I’ll be able to really get excited about getting married. Instead of scared to death lol.

Michigan Small Colleges Show

So recently a piece of work I created was accepted into the MSC show that is hosted by my college this year.


This image to be exact. And I am pretty excited to have it displayed!

Last year I got in too and I won a Juror’s award for like $100 so that was nice. So this is just a short little blurb about my excitement for getting into the show.

Let me know if you think I have a shot with this image at something pretty great. I’m kind of nervous.